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      ARM: dts: Add Bluetooth nodes for Raspberry Pi · 5a08468e
      Maxim Mikityanskiy authored
      Add device tree nodes for Bluetooth on supported Raspberry Pi boards.
      It's disabled by default and can be enabled by `krnbt=on` dtparam. It's
      an alternative way of configuring Bluetooth, as compared to hciattach or
      btattach. When the dtparam is enabled, the Bluetooth driver is probed
      automatically and doesn't require any additional bring-up scripts.
      Note that Raspberry Pi 3 B rev 1.2 doesn't have the required hardware
      flow control pins of UART0 connected to the Bluetooth module, so the
      user should decrease the baudrate by passing `krnbt_baudrate=921600`
      dtparam to make it more stable. It resembles the behavior of the btuart
      script from Raspbian.
      The miniuart-bt overlay was modified to support Bluetooth probing with
      device tree, too. It's disabled by default and can be enabled by
      `krnbt=on` parameter of the miniuart-bt overlay.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMaxim Mikityanskiy <maxtram95@gmail.com>
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